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James City County VirginiaAlong with Williamsburg and York, Virginia, James City County is among the three cities in the Historic Triangle region of the state. Because of this, James City County shares a historical link with the other three cities and is home to the famous Jamestown Colony which was established in 1607.


James City County was officially formed in 1634 and currently is home to modern corporations comprising a variety of different industries. James City County played a prominent role in the Civil War and the area has several historical landmarks that tourists visit each year. In the early twentieth century a revival of the area ensued and many of the historical areas were preserved and refurbished. This along with the natural beauty of the area is one of the prime factors that account for a thriving tourism trade. James City County is also closely linked with Williamsburg.



There are approximately 62 thousand residents in the area in both rural and urban areas, with nearly three quarters of the population living in the urban areas. The median age is slightly above the national average and James City Colony is a highly popular destination for retirees looking for peace and serenity amid the beauty of the area.



Along with Williamsburg and York, James City County also has a very strong economy, especially due to the tourism industry. Jamestown and Busch Gardens Europe Theme Park attract visitors from around the United States and the world. Because of this many residents have jobs directly from these two entities. Still many others have related careers in the hospitality industry owing to the vast number of people flocking to the area for these attractions. The median household income in the area is approximately $65 thousand per year which is significantly high and an unemployment rate greatly below the national average at a little greater than two percent. Cost of living also comes in below the national average at 87.1. Aside from tourist related careers, agriculture plays a prominent role in the economy as does construction, government employment, education and technical positions.


Climate and Weather

James City County VirginiaClimate in James City County is similar to Williamsburg and York. There are four distinct seasons and the weather is relatively mild year round. Residents can enjoy outdoor activities year round while not suffering the affects of extreme cold or heat. Winters average in the forties with occasional lows getting down to the twenties. Summers are warm with it averaging in the eighties with the sixties as lows. There is an occasional above ninety degree day but these are rare.



James City County shares its school district with Williamsburg and as such shares the exemplary schools that are available for Kindergarten through high school age children. Parents will like the idea that their children are getting a superior education among some of the highest ranking schools in the United States. There is one college in the area completely within the city and another one that shares some of its facilities with Williamsburg. Those seeking advanced degrees need not foray too far to receive a stellar education.


James City County Homes

The James City County real estate market is on the rise with many new developments coming into being in the area. There is both a rise in population as well as an increase in the demand for housing. The market boasts f many different choices from economical single family dwellings targeted to younger families and first time buyers to luxurious estates. Retirees find the area particularly popular and there is a wealth of choices available for all incomes and needs.


Things to Do in James City County

History, arts and outdoor activities abound in James City County. From an historical perspective there is no end to the number of activities you can find to do in the area that are both fun and educational. Jamestown Settlement is likely the most popular tourist destination and visitors and residents alike enjoy the area. There is also Freedom Park, the first free black settlement, Chickahominy Riverfront Park which was featured in a recent movie and Greensprings Trail where you can combine hiking with historical views. Residents of James City County will enjoy a variety of community activities for people of all ages. There are many biking, hiking and sight seeing opportunities in the area for those who enjoy out door sports and the gardens and parks in the area are simply breathtaking. Residents will also enjoy many of the modern conveniences of a metropolitan area with shopping and dining venues as well as a rich night life. Whatever your tastes in recreation and amusement the area is sure to have it.

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