York County Virginia

York County VirginiaYork was formed in 1634 and is situated in Northern Virginia. It has a rich history and is part of the historic triangle of Colonial Virginia along with Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg. It is one of the oldest counties in the United States and current home to several military installations.


Its status as one of the most historical places in the country is evidenced by the famous end of the American Revolution where Cornwallis surrendered to Washington and the position it played during the Civil War. Many visitors flock to Yorktown each year to immerse themselves in the history and beauty of the city.



The small town of York has a population of almost 250 residents with a nearly equal distribution between males and females. The population is showing a small growth but a steady one. The average age of residents in the area is nearly fifty.



The cost of living index in York is 81.4, significantly less than the United States average and the median household income for residents is approximately $35 thousand. The unemployment rate is too insignificant to register a percentage so it stays at zero percent, obviously well below the national average. The local government of York is highly motivated to retain businesses in the area and has conducted surveys in order to propose assistance for new and existing businesses. Currently, the career paths of local residents is distributed from most to least as contracting or construction, durable retail goods, education, health services, tourism, manufacturing, non durable goods and services, professional services and wholesale products.


Climate and Weather

You will see seasons change in York with distinct spring, summer, fall and winter seasons. Each season, however, boasts a mild temperature with average annual highs of approximately eight degrees and an average annual low of approximately forty degrees. Rainfall is fairly consistent throughout the year.



York County VirginiaThere are both private and public elementary, middle and high schools available in the area. There is a massage trade college in York but no other colleges or universities. However, several exist within a short distance in surrounding areas.


York Homes

York homes are popular especially waterfront communities and the northern areas are seeing a particular boom in housing growth. Because of the natural beauty of the area and vast expanses of waterfront, housing in the area is particularly popular with those seeking luxurious living.


Things to Do in York

York certainly has its fair share of attractions within its boundaries. If historical sites appeal to you, check out the Yorktown Battlefield and Visitor Center and Yorktown Victory Center. Colonial National Historical Park and Custom House are also popular historical sites in the area. The Fifes and Drums of Yorktown perform all over and have regular exhibitions to the delight or tourists and residents alike. There are various cultural and arts exhibits throughout the county and special local events held seasonally. The beauty of the area is indisputable and as such many residents enjoy year round out door and water activities along the beach.

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