A guest post by Michael Longsdon

Downsizing can be the perfect solution for seniors looking for less maintenance when it comes to their homes. If you plan on downsizing soon, you may be wondering how best to start the process. Moving can be pretty stressful, no matter your age, but with some planning and preparation, you can make your move a less stressful process for all involved.

Factor Your Dog into Your Move

If you have a dog, you know how sensitive pets can be to change. An impending move, with all the packing and chaos, can cause your dog to become anxious and even begin to misbehave. That’s why it is important to have a plan for your pup when it comes to your moving day. With doors open and strangers walking in and out, moving day can be a perfect storm for your dog to get loose or act out. You may want to board your dog to keep them safe and calm as you move, both out of your old home and into the new one. If that’s not a good option, consider investing in a quality crate (one that’s big enough for them to stand up and turn around with ease) and keep your dog comfortable in another room during the move.

Take Your Time Finding the Right Home

When you are looking for a place to call home during your golden years, you should really focus on finding a home that will make you happy. Make a list of all the features you would like in your new home, as well as your new city or neighborhood. Maybe you would like a home near public transportation, or perhaps you need a city that is really dog-friendly. Once you have your wishlist for your dream home and you are ready to buy, connect with a realtor to make the search and purchase of your new home much easier.

Start Sorting Through Your Stuff Now

Buying a new home, selling your old one, and packing everything up — you are going to have a lot to do once you get the ball rolling. So, take some time now to start sorting through and downsizing all of your belongings. Be mindful of the size of home you are searching for, and be as objective as you can when deciding what needs to go. For many seniors, getting rid of keepsakes and photos can cause the most stress. Try giving these items to loved ones so you are not tossing them out, or scan photos into the cloud so they have a home forever.

Consider Hiring Movers to Help You Pack

Packing up your memories can take time, and if you are not careful, it can even lead to an injury. Millions of falls send seniors to the hospital each year, and many never regain full mobility. To keep yourself from falling and save time for other tasks, you may want to look into hiring a professional moving company. These movers will know how to pack your belongings safely, move heavy furniture for you, and can keep you from asking friends and families to help with your move. However, remember to book your movers as soon as you have your preferred dates so you can get into your home without a hassle.

Take Care of Essential Task Before You Move

When you are this busy, important tasks can slip through the cracks. Use a moving checklist to make sure this doesn’t happen and more efficiently manage your move. You may need to reach out to insurance providers, including Medicare, to notify them of your move. It’s also a good idea to refill prescriptions right before your move, have your medical records moved, and take your dog to the vet. Finally, don’t forget to turn on utilities and change your address with the post office. You may also want to let benefit providers know about your new address too. 

Your golden years should be the most relaxing time of your life, so don’t let the stress of downsizing take that away. Plan ahead for your move, and before you know it, you will be back to relaxing and enjoying life in your new home.

Photo Credit: Pixabay