Choosing a Buyers Agent

Before looking at Williamsburg real estate on your own, it will be beneficial to have a buyer’s agent with you. Unless you have a signed buyer’s agreement with your Realtor, they are legally bound to represent the seller. It is in your best interest to hire an experienced agent to represent you with one of the most financially important transactions of your life.

You may say…”An agent represents the seller and not me, what’s the big deal?”. It is important to note that when an agent represents the seller, they are not able to reveal certain specifics to you, such as…

They can’t tell you why the seller is selling (unless they are expressly authorized to do so)
Cannot discuss any conversations that they’ve had with the seller.
May not give you any information that would prove detrimental to the seller.
They could not give you any information such as a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) that would give you, the buyer, an advantage.

Buyer Agency changes all of that. If you have a Buyer’s Agency agreement with the Agent, you will have the representation of the Agent with who you are working. Some potential benefits include:

The agent will develop a CMA, determining at what price similar properties in the area have been listed and sold for.
Your agent may reveal any ascertainable information about the seller.
Examples of this type of information could be; reasons for selling, potential concessions, or other information that might prove to be to your advantage.
Property Value trends may be relayed to you.